Year 1 Startup Goals

As we dig into the first year of our startup, we recently spent time going through the annual-goal planning process. (Yes, it’s as exciting as it sounds. But, it does provide focus.) The first year of a startup is typically spent figuring out the product and retention, securing the first handful of customers and starting to work on marketing and sales.

For our startup, we’re focused on figuring out the product and building out the internal tools to provide stress-free products and support.

I thought it would be a fun experiment to share our 2015 goals. A) I’d love to get thoughts on our goals and B) I find it helpful to have some level of public accountability at this stage of the company. (Yes, ask me about our progress.)

With that, here are our goals for 2015:

  • 100 successful customers
  • Launch two integrations with key partners
  • Launch automated on boarding program, weekly training classes and product recipes
  • Have at least $100k cash on hand
  • Have revenues to support at least one additional hire
  • Bonus stretch goal: $1M annual run rate

100 successful customers is the key goal. (This implies they are using and getting value from the product.) Most of the other goals are inputs or by-products of that goal.

We’re pumped to get started and would love to hear about your first-year startup goals.