Three Ideas from “Remote”

Remote working (formerly known as telecommuting) is growing in popularity, and it’s an idea we’ve been slowly implementing within our team.  The crew from 37Signals (errr … I mean Basecamp) have been some of the leading proponents for working remotely.  I really admire and respect the type of company that Jason and David have created, so I was eager to dig into their latest book, “Remote.”

Here are three of the most compelling ideas I found from the book:

  • Working remotely should lead to a big spike in productivity. Unncessary “check in” meetings get eliminated. No more loud phone calls from your cube mate to interrupt you. No more random drop-ins from your boss. IM and emails can substitute for most communications, and are much more efficient.

  • For teams that are scared of going “all in” and allowing remote working five days a week, starting with “remote mornings” can be a great way to ease into it. Team members can get the work that requires focus done in the mornings and then come into the office for team work in the afternoons.

  • Deep brainstorming and ideation is difficult when remote. Established companies overcome this by bringing teams together every month/quarter/year for strategic meetings.

I really enjoyed the book, and it provided new ideas for using remote work to increase productivity and employee flexibility. I’m looking forward to trying out the “Mornings remote/afternoon office” idea.


  • Amanda

    I’ve been championing remote mornings for months now. I deserve partial credit in this blog post. A citation or footnote at the very least.