Thoughts on Codecademy

Codecademy has been around for a while now, but I’ve just recently started using Codecademy. With my day job being more product/marketing focused, I’ve been looking for a way to brush up on my programming. (Use it, or lose it.)

After completing the PHP, Javascript and jQuery lessons, here are my thoughts on Codecademy:


  • Codecademy is a great place for non-developers to quickly learn basic programming concepts
  • The courses are a great refresher on the latest language developments. (ie HTML5)
  • The lessons are simple and fast-paced
  • Codecademy courses are a great foundation for anyone trying to learn the foundations of software development or wanting to hack on their own projects
  • Courses are not very deep and don’t address the most common challenges developers face
  • Language courses are siloed. For example, most developers would use PHP/jQuery/SQL in combination with each other.
  • No courses on database development.
I’m hoping Codecademy will continue to evolve providing easy ways for anyone to learn programming concepts.  I’m also excited to check out Treehouse and Code Wars.
  • Adam Griffis

    For experienced developers looking for a quick challenge to sharpen their skills, I really like