Our New Logo (or through being cool)

Things like logos and company names are tricky. On one hand, you have a chance to set the tone for your company by creating a memorable, unique name and logo. On the other hand, get too creative or unique, and everyone will miss the point of your company. Oh, and make sure the proper domain name is available, your name can be spoken easily and your logo is suitable for digital and print format.

All of these rules usually lead to a name and logo that are fine, but aren’t memorable. It works, but no one cares.

When we started creating our new logo, this was one of the things we wanted to spend extra time on to get right. Our PlacePunch logo was fine, but we rushed it through the 99designs process. I don’t think we were ever in love with it.

This time, we were able to work with a great local designer. This let us work with a professional that could help us balance the brand we’re trying to build with proper design.

In the end. We had two options. One was great. It was clean, simple and evoked our brand in a subtle way.

The other option was dangerous and unconventional. We loved it. But, many people would hate it.





I love our logo. It does everything wrong, with a purpose. It perfectly conveys the idea of Transpose. It has orange, so it’s connected to our past. It’s 3d, which is a terrible idea, but it somehow works here.

Some people will hate it. But, that’s a good sign. I’m through worrying about doing what’s safe. This is our company. If we believe in something, get feedback and can defend our decision, then we’re going for it. No one ever celebrates what’s safe.

I’m in love with our name, our logo and how we’re building our company. Who knows what will happen and if we’ll build the company into anything memorable. But, at least we believe in it.