Our Future

Over a year ago, I tweeted:

I didn’t realize how prescient this would be.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, we’ve done a tremendous amount of soul searching, debating with advisors, and testing new ideas. We’ve found a mission that we can believe in and that seems to elicit an emotional response from almost anyone with whom we share it.


  • Broadly, our mission is to make transportation effortless.

  • Specifically, we’re starting with a very narrow focus to fix a very broken process: truck and van rentals.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”


Renting a moving truck or van is incredibly painful. Ever been to a Uhaul or Enterprise car rental?

In fact, Uhaul’s business model is built around advertising the lowest price possible for their rentals and then upselling you on gas, mileage, insurance, boxes, tape and anything else they can get a penny for. Not to mention, it’s a complete hassle to wait in line to pick up the vehicle, worry about refueling when you’ve only driven 10 miles, figure out if you need insurance, and so on.

In the future, truck rentals will be completely self-service, delivered to you and instantly available when you need them. The combination of accelerating developments in vehicle software and hardware, combined with a new ownership model that is service-based, will make transportation effortless. We’re creating that future with Fetch.

In our current form, starting at $15 an hour, you can rent a cargo van that includes 100 miles, gas and insurance. Yes, we include gas, mileage and insurance in one flat price.

We’ll even deliver it to you. Yes, we’ll bring your truck straight to you, and well even pick it up. We’ve eliminated the hassle of driving to the rental agency, leaving your car and getting back before the store closes. Effortless.

You see, products should solve a user’s entire problem. Not just a piece of it. Offering a van or truck without gas or miles is like buying a house but having to install your own electricity and plumbing.

This is just the start. As Paul Graham famously advises, we’re starting by doing things that don’t scale. We’re physically renting the cars, washing and vacuuming them, and learning all of the details of the industry.

But, the software is coming. Eventually, you’ll press a button, walk out the front door, and your truck will be right there. This could be at your apartment, house or even the store where you’re shopping.


It’s working 

We’re a week into Fetch, and the feedback has already been energizing. I can’t emphasize how much growth and customers fuel your startup.

When a customer like Dorita unexpectedly leaves an incredible Yelp review, it makes you want to push even harder and go even faster.



Give Fetch a shot

Need to move an apartment? Pick up a piece of furniture? We’d love to help.

Use this link to get $15 off a rental (and feel free to share with friends!).

Have ideas or feedback? We’d love to hear what you think.

See you in the future!