Is the NFL Too Violent?

Over the past week, I’ve digested the horrible news about Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and other NFL players. As I’ve thought through these terrible stories, I’ve come to the realization that I’m shocked, but not surprised to learn of these cases of physical abuse.

With a league and profession based on violence, how could we be surprised that players are involved in physical abuse outside of the NFL?

As I watched HBO’s season of “Hard Knocks” over the past few weeks, I was shocked at how much fighting occurs on the field today. In practically every episode, there was a Mike Tyson-worthy fight between players. Even between players on the same team.  The punishment for these players? An early shower, at best.

Now, I’m not making excuses for ANY of these players. Everyone has to understand how terrible these acts are. There’s simply no excuse

But, in a league that encourages big hits and “hard knocks,” it’s not a stretch to imagine that the workplace violence may have contributed to family violence.

By spending so much time – and money – on the NFL, are we contributing somehow? I’m afraid, it’s a question I’ll ask myself this Sunday.