How to Ace a Job Interview

On Friday, I had the chance to spend the day at Georgia Tech conducting mock interviews with students. Since we’ve been spending a *lot* of time interviewing at Silverpop lately, I was eager to share a few keys for success that we’ve noticed among candidates.

Here are the three common tips I shared with the students:

1) Be enthusiastic. We’re looking for people that will bring positive energy to the office every day and are genuinely excited about the opportunity to grow their career with us. We will generally prefer enthusiasm over experience with any candidate. You can show enthusiasm by asking thoughtful questions during an interview, responding to questions with well-thought out responses and even telling the interviewees how excited you are about the opportunity.

2) Have something unique.  Most candidates talk about wanting to be creative, tackle new challenges or gain opportunities to increase responsibility, but few candidates can actually talk about times when they previously stretched themselves for a new challenge. Whether it’s starting your own blog, teaching yourself to program or volunteering at a nonprofit, if you want a job with a lot of opportunity (and challenge), you need to be able to provide evidence that you’re up for the challenge.

3) Show evidence of constant learning.  Especially in technology companies, the world constantly changes. If you are interviewing for a role with a company that faces constant disruption, you need to show evidence that you can adapt and learn. One of the largest risks with new employees is that the person won’t be able to ramp up or be productive without a manager constantly providing guidance.  You need specific examples of times when you’ve taught yourself new skills or figured out something on your own.