Catching a Break

welcome to silverpop


Today is my last day at Silverpop. While I don’t want to write anything overly-personal, I felt I needed to take a moment to publicly acknowledge the gratitude I have for the past three years.

When we decided to sell PlacePunch to Silverpop, we weren’t sure if it was the right decision. Three years later, I can definitively say it was an incredibly-positive and unique experience.

Going into the deal, we knew that Silverpop was a product-focused culture with a team of smart, experienced, good people. We also knew it was on the cutting edge of marketing-technology and that we’d get to see a heck of a lot from inside Silverpop.

And from the first day, the team at Silverpop supported us, challenged us and pushed our team to mature faster than we ever would have on our own. Launching products to thousands of customers, working with a global team, and being mentored by successful entrepreneurs has felt like compressing a career’s worth of experiences into a few years.

When our acquisition with Silverpop was almost done, my mom told me “Everyone needs a break to get ahead. I think this could be yours.” I’m so thankful we caught that break.